As the moon rises
through the indigo sky
and the blazing stars align
to collect her thoughts
in half-wishes
and never-dreams
She dips her body
in crystal falls
to float along
her darkened stream.

She covers herself
in emerald moss
and murky waters
to distract her thoughts
with the sound of trout
moving their fins
in and out
in and out
until she sinks deep
into her dark thoughts
whispering of her past
moving with the last
words he ever spoke.

Words set in stone
far underneath the stream
of half-wishes and never-dreams
Her body turns emerald
with the moss over the length
of her height and wide eyes
staring into the indigo sky
to observe the moon rise
with the blazing stars
to outline his face.

No, let her thoughts stream
in half-wishes and never-dreams.

The Eclipse

One more kiss upon your lips,
to seal the sun and moon in an eclipse,
of eternal rays of dark light,
gathered in the meeting of our eyes tonight.

Remember me as the moon,
about to begin the swoon,
and dip into the waters of the tide,
crashing into the dark light.

I reflect your lonesome light,
mirroring my many faces and about to collide,
the waters in the pull of your gravity,
and leaving a hollow cavity
on my atmosphere.

You as the sun, burning and turning
my body into your rotation,
bellowing my heart in motion,
only to collide without devotion.

Answer to my emotion
and the sounds of the blue ocean,
crashing my waves upon the shore.
Love me as a fire,
enfold me in your flames to aspire,
the love about to expire.

You burn my atmosphere,
you leave a smear,
upon every fiery ray,
refusing me to stay.

I collide in your eclipse,
as the moon in swoon,
taking in your shape
as the only way to escape,
your dark light
that only comes
with the meeting of our eyes.

Mercy On Me (Song) *inspired by Amazing Grace

Jeee-sus, do you hear my call-ing?
I feel like I’m free fall-ing
from your ho-ly hands!
I’m not strong enough to stand.
My feet are tired and worn
my heart’s already torn
but I’m about to be reborn
in your perfect presence!
Have Mer-cy, Mer-cy, Mer-cy on me!
I’m bowin on my knees
Prayin for a release
Give me what I need
I want to be freed
from the chains that bind my soul
from the world I can’t control
my heart’s carryin a heavy toll
I just need some grace!
(music break)

Feelin like a wasted space
Unable to erase
all of my mistakes
from the past
that did last
my heart to hate
but I hope its not too late
can’t stand here and wait
When the time comes
I’ll be callin’ your name!


I won’t be a fool this time
won’t let my heart go cold
I will fight the winter frost
No matter the cost!
Will be gentle as the breeze
will find a way to release
all my pain held inside
and your spirt that I denied
Jesus, please be be my guide
Have mercy, mercy, mercy on me

There’s a Woogy Under My Bed!

Okay so like I’m thinking of my next children’s book idea and here I think of a Wookiee! (aka Chewbacca) Not sure how he came into my mind but I was wondering how it would be crazy if a child found a similar character but called a Woogy hiding underneath their bed. This Woogy would have the persona of a legendary “Boogie” monster but changed to fit into a more sensible and cuddly character. I know its such a random idea but I think it would be such a great idea to explore different topics with kids in a funny way.

This “Woogy” would be furry, sloth-like, and shaggy. However, he would be an obsessed clean freak and want to help clean up the child’s room. The child would be upset about the neatness of the monster and how this woogy is always stealing their cookies! The mother would praise the young child for  cleaning their room, but it was really the “woogy” monster tidying up the room. The child would blame the Woogie for keeping their room tidy, despite the child’s attempt in wanting to keep it messy. I know its a far fetched idea but it seems so cute!

I’m going to play with the idea more but so far its turning out to be a great plot. I think I would want the premise of the story to focus on to not judge by appearances. Although the woogy looks “spooky”, it’s actually a very nice and sensible creature. It’s like a guardian for the child as it sleeps at night and helps it do normal day-to-day tasks. There will also be a little bit of humor tied into the story as the “Woogy” monster is invisible to adults and can only be seen by children. So the whole premise of it cleaning up the child’s room would leave the mother and father baffled and questioning the child’s motives.

So guys, don’t let the woogy monster live underneath your bed!

Chicago Lights

A black sky covers
her starry night
in a rainbow of lights
shining through
her chocolate-colored eyes.

Lightening and thunder
rage a spark
to harbor her energy
in a spectacle of
candlelight dinners
and streaming colors
to reflect her iris
growing through
the late-night fog.

She looks in the distance
of light beaming in rays
of rainbow colors
and sees his eyes
slipping away with
the faces of the moon
dragging along the night
until the sun breaches
her chocolate-colored eyes.

Only in Chicago
she sees his light
moving in motion
with the rotation
of his words spiraling
in the waves of Lake Michigan
and rumbling with the tune
of street cars
and a sea of traffic.

She takes the iris
floating in the riverbed
of the Chicago River
and picks petals
falling in the light
of rainbow colors
to remind herself
of words left
in the moment of
candlelight dinners
and streaming colors.

Ah, only in Chicago
she will see the light.

Yes, I’m a Writer

Here I am writing to all the readers out there who have the time to click on this article and find some enlightenment. Here I am in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, and hoping one day I’ll finish that book that I’m still writing at this very moment. Yes, I’m just that kind of writer who writes to write. How splendid that is to write for no one but yourself and the only audience be your sassy rabbit who loves to chew your carpet for the sake of attention. Man, I wish I can do that. Just rip out carpet with my buck teeth so I can gain more followers, or even yet readers. Oh well, I continue to write this with no sense of direction.

Some say that writing is like a muscle that you need to build on every day. Some say writing is just a passion that forms from the mind and somehow finds its way to your quill. (Did I mention I own a quill) Either way, writing is so much more than just a pastime of mine. Writing feels more like a drug than anything else. Once I get an idea or an inspiration, I grab a paper and a pen to scribble a bunch of nonsense, hoping the words would string well enough together to form a concrete poem, song, or even a blog post. If something comes together nicely, I publish it whenever and wherever I can.  Of course, I don’t do it for attention. I do it for my own validation.

I want to feel like I’m a writer. Better yet, I want to be a writer. I want to diverge myself in words and form something beautiful out it. I don’t have to be talented. I just want to have the passion to do it because that was always my goal since I was a child. From a young age, I knew that I wanted to be some sort of writer. I knew I wasn’t going to be as great as Edgar Allen Poe or Pablo Neruda, but I had an aspiration to publish something when I became an adult. So here I am, creating this blog post and trying to make that dream come true.

I’m not sure if anyone is reading far enough to understand what I’m writing about but I appreciate you reading this far. I appreciate the effort in you taking the time to read my articles, poems, and song lyrics. You people give me the motivation to keep writing even if its about nothing at all. Although I couldn’t create a masterpiece tonight, at least I could say that I wrote about writing and that says a lot. So thank you for reading this and yes, I am a writer.


Meaning Behind the 911 Call

I find it ironic that so many things in our life can be rooted back to the Bible. Even when we go to our favorite burger joint, In-N-Out Burger, you can find bible verses plastered  all over its cup products and burger wraps. I always enjoyed grabbing my pocket-sized bible and just to look up the verses with my sisters. It always seemed that God was there in hidden but vibrant ways.

One thing I found the most significant was when I learned that “911” was actually symbolic of Psalm 91. Somewhere or someone down the line decided to use “911” as a code for help in emergency situations. All we have to do is dial, 9-1-1, and there comes the police, firemen, and ambulance ready to rescue us from whatever situation that threatens our safety. Yet, we still take for granted having that back-up plan just in case if something doesn’t work out. Too many of us dial 9-1-1 in our lives without really understanding what a emergency is or how to handle it. We put too much hope in the wrong people and places that we loose sight in what’s really happening in our lives.

We grow accustomed to leaning on people and situations that doesn’t guarantee our happiness or even our safety. We trust too much on things of this world that doesn’t even matter at the end of the day and still expect a different outcome. We put ourselves in this continuous cycle of disaster and expect some sort of hero to rescue us. When we should be relying on ourselves and God.

In the end, I believe we put ourselves in emergency situations that could have been avoided in the first place. We choose to stay with that abusive partner, we choose to settle for a mediocre job, and we choose to accept the mundane instead of the incredible. We allow ourselves to put up with people and situations that don’t truly value us until we reach the point where we need to dial 9-1-1.

Despite this, I’m not saying that everything is under our control because sometimes emergencies happen without warning. Sometimes the person we thought we loved turns out to be an abuser, sometimes the illness we thought was the flu turns out to be cancer, or sometimes someone stupid decides to hurt you randomly while you were just walking down the street. We just never truly know the exact outcome of our lives but we can decide to take power in what we can control. We can start working out and eating healthier, we can cut toxic people out of our lives, and we can never settle for anything less than we deserve.

Most importantly, we can learn to lean on God instead of wrong people and situations. We can choose to dust off that bible from our shelves and decide to save ourselves. We can decide to call out to God in times of trouble and let him do the work for us. After all, he said because we loved him that he would rescue us from whatever disaster we put ourselves in. He promised to answer that 911 call and be there for us when we need him to be. He will honor us and promise us a long life. So now, I’m finally ready to dial 9-1-1 the right way.

Psalm 91
Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”
Surely he will save you
from the fowler’s snare
and from the deadly pestilence.
He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.
You will only observe with your eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.
If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”
and you make the Most High your dwelling,
no harm will overtake you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
“Because he[b] loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
He will call on me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation.”

-NIV (New International Version)




Keep Running

Too many times in life we give up on running because its too tiring or overwhelming for our bodies. We exhaust ourselves out and decide to throw out the towel because its easier to sit on our couches and watch a good show with our big flat screen TVs while we eat another bag of Doritos. Yet, we are missing the experience of a lifetime of training our hearts and mind to enjoy life to the fullest. We aren’t going to see life unravel in a small TV screen. No, we’re going to see life happen while running through different sceneries and experiencing new opportunities that life has to offer us. Why just lay back and do nothing?

I’m not saying that you can’t have a time to relax and enjoy leisure activities. Heck, I enjoy laying my big behind in front of a big flat screen TV and watch American Horror Story (now, that show still keeps my heart racing). But there needs to be a balance in how you spend your time.  You can either spend your whole life on that couch watching other amazing people do amazing things or start running towards your dreams. If you want to be the one to land that rewarding career or get that college diploma, then go after it with every fiber of your being. Also, take some time for yourself and the people that matter the most in your life. Go out on dates, hang out with friends, and just enjoy being a real person with likes and dislikes. Just keep running after what you want and the people that matter the most to you. Don’t cut yourself short and only focus on one aspiration, however, be a multitasker.

Multitask all the dreams, people, and hobbies in your life that brings you happiness and love. Learn to chase after new opportunities but don’t forget to rest every once in awhile and just enjoy the view. Make sure to prioritize the important things in life like family, friends, and a significant other because those are real people not a “next” opportunity. While, a career is significant to have for fulfillment or to pay the bills, there is almost always another opportunity in the horizon if something doesn’t work out. People, on the other hand, are not always going to be there in your life. Especially when you decide to choose a career over the people that matter most to you. Keep running after your dreams, but be careful not to exhaust yourself out.

Run after everything and everyone that makes your life great. Literally, RUN AWAY from people and situations that bring the worst out of you. Be confident and take care of your priorities.  Train your body, soul, and mind to the point where it doesn’t just lay back and watch life pass by, but it goes forward without haste. Lose that extra weight and run freely because so many people in this world don’t even have the legs to run. So run with purpose!

“Do not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run so that you may obtain it. Every athlete exercises self-control in all things…So I do not run aimlessly and I do not look as one beating the air. But I discipline my body and keep it under control. Lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.”

– I Corinthians 9: 24-27